• Insight into your dog's personality/temperament type; how type differs from behavior (e.g. "aggressive" is a behavior, not a type)

  • A lesson on how dogs learn (observation, association, and four types of consequences)

  • Hands-on practice using reward-based training methods (luring, shaping)  

  • Methods for teaching basic "obedience" (Watch, Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Loose Leash Walking) using voice, words, rewards (food, toys, privileges), hand signals, body language, clickers, training devices and other tools

  • Techniques for expressing displeasure with your dog in a humane way; how to turn the dog's mistakes into teachable moments

  • Strategies for managing and/or changing undesirable behaviors; undoing baggage from the past

  • Handouts on all topics covered

  • Access to trainer via e-mail between sessions

Train The Trainer

 (301) 471-0138

Call us and tell us a little bit about you and your dog.

We'll schedule an appointment and send you a questionnaire designed to assess your prior experience with dogs and your training goals (so we can tailor sessions). We'll also send you a standard contract to read over.

At the first session, we'll confirm what's in the contract (e.g. terms, policies), sign it, and payment for the entire package will be due.

At the end of the first session, we'll determine the schedule for the remaining sessions - sometimes it's best to have sessions close together; sometimes it's best to space them apart. It just depends on you and your dog! 

Five 1-Hour Sessions In Your Home Including:

The Train The Trainer Program is designed for people who enjoy working with their dog and want to understand the "Why?" behind dog training as they learn to train their dog...people who want to go beyond doing "obedience" exercises just because the instructor told them to...people who want to figure out what makes their dog tick! This program delves a little deeper into dog psychology and learning than most dog training programs do.

So...why do dogs behave as they do? How do they learn best? How can we get them to change their behavior? Is positive reinforcement really the best training method? (Yes). What's the story on dominance? (It's not quite what you may have seen on TV and misunderstanding it can be dangerous). Is it ever ok to "correct" a dog? (Yes, as long as you don't use methods that cause fear, pain, intimidation or emotional harm. This is especially important with a new dog or a dog that has a checkered past).

What You Get With The Train The Trainer Program:

Q: What if I just have a single training issue - do I have to buy a package?

A: No; individual sessions are available. The fee is $70.00 per hour.

Note: Wagging Tails Training does not specialize in training dogs with significant aggressive behaviors (i.e. those with a serious bite history). Instead, we recommend that you work with a qualified behaviorist with expertise in this area. Please visit www.ccpdt.org to find a behaviorist near you. Thank You!

Fee: $325.00

Please Note: Wagging Tails Training/Janet Flanagan is working on a special assignment and is currently not assisting new clients. Thank you for visiting!.

Part private seminar at your kitchen table and part hands-on training, Train The Trainer sessions are conducted at your home, with your dog as the case study. Although your dog will benefit from lots of training during every lesson, you will be the primary beneficiary because you'll learn the universal, foundational principles of reward-based dog training. That way, you can train any and every dog you ever own!

How It Works: