• Review of equipment (the best collar, leash, etc. for your dog)

  • How dogs learn

  • Reward-based training methods

  • Safe socialization and keys to having a well-adjusted dog

  • Use of voice, hand signals, and body language

  • Clicker training (if desired)

  • Basic manners/obedience: The "Watch" Command; Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Loose Leash Walking

  • Managing or changing undesirable behaviors; undoing baggage from the past (as applicable)

  • Handouts on all topics covered

  • Access to trainer via e-mail between sessions

An Initial Consultation (approximately 2 hours) Including:

  • How to bond with the dog and establish leadership in a positive fashion

  • Discussion and agreement on family rules for the dog (e.g. is the dog allowed on the furniture?)

  • Identification of words/commands everyone will use with the dog (e.g. will it be "Come" or "Here Boy"?)

  • How family members should react in common situations (e.g. puppy cries in crate; dog eliminates inside; puppy puts teeth on skin)

  • Childrens' Chat including role play

  • Crate training and housetraining basics

  • Introduction to safe socialization and reward-based training techniques

  • Handouts: "To Do" Checklist For The First Week; Do's and Don'ts; Housebreaking Schedule Chart; Shopping List; Notes From Family Discussions Described Above; Other Topics Related To Your Particular Dog

The Welcome Waggin™ Package

After the Initial Consultation, you'll have three more in-home sessions. The first of these should happen very soon after you get your dog, so we can make sure you're comfortable, you're doing things correctly, and problems are addressed early on. Since your dog doesn't know that he/she can trust you yet, this session will focus on your relationship with your dog.

The last two sessions will focus more on "obedience" and will be scheduled according to your progess and training goals. Every dog and owner team is unique, so the sessions will be designed accordingly!!

The Welcome Waggin™ Package is designed
so that the whole family can participate in welcoming
your new dog home - children included!
It's especially important that everyone living in the
home attend the Initial Consultation session.

What You Get With The Welcome Waggin'™ Package:

Call us and tell us a little bit about your dog and situation.

We'll schedule an appointment for an Initial Consultation and send you an intake questionnaire (so you won't be paying us for asking you routine questions during our time together). We'll also send you a standard contract to read over.

At the Initial Consultation, we'll confirm what's in the contract (e.g. terms, policies), sign it, and payment for the entire package will be due.

At the end of the Initial Consultation, we'll schedule the next session, which will ideally occur about a week after you get your dog (or a week after the Initial Consultation if you already have your dog). After that, we'll schedule the final two sessions based on your progress and goals.

How It Works:

 (301) 471-0138

Please Note: Wagging Tails Training/Janet Flanagan is working on a special assignment and is currently not assisting new clients. Thank you for visiting!.

Fee: $325.00

Three Follow Up Sessions (approximately 1 hour each; customized to your dog and your goals) Including:

Getting Off To A Great Start

The Welcome Waggin™ Package provides four sessions in your home and is tailored to you and your new dog.

The Initial Consultation is designed to make sure you're prepared with the knowledge and tools you need to make those first days and weeks go smoothly. If you start off on the right foot with your new dog, you'll reap the benefits for years to come. On the other hand, if you make certain mistakes new owners often make (like thinking you need to "show 'em who's boss"), there could be trouble. The Initial Consultation is like a private seminar that includes discussion, demonstrations, role plays and questions/answers. By the time it's over, you'll know exactly what's most important to do (and not to do) as you and your dog adjust to one another. The first few weeks should be all about bonding and establishing benevolent leadership with your dog.